Cosmos at the Castle

Blackrock Castle Observatory, Cork City

This award-winning exhibition, which opened in 2007, highlights recent discoveries of extreme life-forms on Earth and their implications for life in outer space.

At the entrance to the exhibition the visitor is met by 'The Mystery of Life' infographic, spanning over six metres. After briefly explaining DNA, the installation charts the development of life, across the millennia, from a single-cell organism, through to the human being. 

The information is mapped on an hexagonal grid representing the structure of DNA. Its combination of angles provides a versatile grid system, which allows the content to be mapped in a way that reflects its organic nature. This structure ties the entire evolution of life on earth together as one visual organism, from its simplest beginnings to the most complex forms of life.


Early sketches

Mysteries of the Cosmos

On the wall opposite sits the 'Mysteries of the Cosmos' which raises questions about the cosmos. I designed a different icon for each topic and produced background illustrations to create a sense of depth.